Want to get creative with your walls? Let’s explore some exciting ways to use subway tiles in your new design, using different patterns and colours. Subway tiles are versatile. First created in 1904 for the New York subway, they were designed with aesthetics and practicality in mind. Developed to improve the appearance of the subway and make it easy to clean, they soon became the go-to choice for underground stations around the world.

Use subway tiles to complement both traditional and contemporary home aesthetics. Subway tiles remain one of our most popular, so read on to learn more.

Brick bond patterned subway tiles

The brick bond method involves lining up all the grout joints on alternate rows, like in bricklaying, creating a familiar and well-used pattern. However, there are many other creative ways to arrange your subway tiles.

Straight subway tiles

For something a little different, consider straight tiling (when you all grout joints up). This geometric design brings a formality and crispness to your subway tiles.

Vertical subway tiles

Laying your subway tiles vertically can provide a contemporary feel to your space, drawing the eye upward and giving a room a feeling of extra height. This can work exceptionally well on the inside of a shower or in a laundry where you have less space.

Herringbone subway tiles

Herringbone is a familiar and traditional style of laying tiles and wooden floorboards. Vaguely resembles the skeleton of a herring; if you use a mix of colours, the effect is often stunning.

Diagonal subway tiles

A diagonal laying pattern personalizes your tiles in a fun and exciting way. Mix in some coloured tiles to create extra interest.

Chevron subway tiles

A chevron pattern gives an illusion of depth on a flat surface and adds a layer of sophistication to walls and floors.

Add flair with coloured grout

Varying grout colour is a beautiful way of adding extra depth and style to your tiled surface. Consider using black grout with white tiles for a startling monochrome colour scheme. But don’t restrict yourself to black and white; consider using other shades.

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