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When choosing the interior of your space, wall tiles and floor tiles offer an attractive choice. They’re stylish, durable and available in a variety of designs – so no matter which look you’re aiming to create, there’s a catalogue of stylish tiles to choose from.

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How Wall Tiles Can Change The Look Of Your Home

Tile Clearance Outlet stocks wall and floor tiles that are fit for the bedroom, bathroom, kitchen and more. Whether you’re doing a DIY home project, a renovation or an office re-vamp, we have you sorted with discounted tiles.

Our designs include mosaic and feature tiles, subway tiles, and many others. Browse our site for your option of colours, styles, textures, patterns, fits and more, all of which can transform your home. We also offer different sizing, so whether you’re looking for small or large tiles, you have a variety to choose from.

Best of all, due to our experience in the building and tiling industry, we are able to offer these tiles at discounted rates.

Wall Tiles That Inspire Creativity

Few materials inspire creativity like tiles. Available in a range of sizes, shapes, colours and materials, tiles provide durable surfaces and finishes to both interior and exterior spaces, and as one of the oldest forms of decorative arts, tiles date as far back as the Egyptians.

Today, tiles have expanded to encompass a wide range of materials, applications, patterns and designs. Wall tiles specifically differ from floor tiles in that they are usually not intended to be load-bearing and are often chosen for aesthetic purposes: to look great and change the feeling of a room.

Floor Tiles That Complete The Look You’re After

Not all floor tiles are made the same or from the same material, with different categories of floor tiles existing. These categories include glazed porcelain, polished porcelain, unglazed matt porcelain, unglazed rock face porcelain, ceramic tiles, glazed matt porcelain, glazed polished porcelain and natural stone.

With floor tiles, it’s important to remember that price does not dictate quality: it is possible to purchase heavily discounted floor tiles that are still quality products. When choosing floor tiles, consider their durability and manufacturer instead. You should also consider the placement of the tile. If it will be in a bathroom or other wet space, you may prefer to purchase a matte anti-slip tile, a safer option.

Subway Tiles – NOT The Food!

Traditional subway tiles measure 75×150 millimetres, but there are also other sizes on the market, including a large-scale 100×200-millimetre format and a long and slender 70×240-millimetre format. This gives you the opportunity to select which format is best suited for the feeling you would like to evoke.

The above formats, for example, would result in a contemporary finish for your bathroom and kitchen. When it comes to colours, white and vanilla subway tiles are favourites, however, if you would like something different for your interior, you can choose from a variety of other hues, including earthy neutrals, bold tones and soft pastels. Subway tiles also come in a choice of textures, with high-gloss, mirrored and matte being popular choices.

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