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Tile Clearance Outlet provides quality tiles for a quality price. If you’re looking to complete your project whilst staying within your budget, we can deliver! We guarantee we have what you need, from wall and floor tiles to features & mosaics, all in different colours, styles and textures. So no matter if you’re looking for a concrete look, a vintage look or something modern, we can help you find it.

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We also sell a variety of tiling materials and tools, so whether you’re a homeowner, designer or renovator, you can find what you’re looking for with us.

The Tile Clearance Outlet prides itself on more than simply quality tiles. Customer care is a priority to us, so if you have any problems or concerns, we will help you resolve them as smoothly as possible.

Why Use Concrete Look Tiles

Choose concrete look tiles for a raw, unfinished industrial style – with none of the drawbacks of raw concrete.

Benefits of Concrete Look Tiles

There are a variety of benefits to using concrete look tiles, including versatility, affordability, durability and maintenance.

They’re lighter than real concrete and can therefore easily be used both outside and inside and can be adjusted to suit the environment. An anti-slip finish, for example, can be applied if the tiles are being placed around wet areas.

Concrete-look tiles are versatile not only in their use but also in their form. They come in a range of styles, sizes, colours and tones, so you can easily select what best suits your needs and seamlessly integrate the tiles with the rest of your home.

Laying & Caring for Your Tiles

They’re also significantly more affordable than their concrete counterpart. Laying concrete-look tiles takes less time than laying actual concrete. They’re more affordable in the long run too: they require less maintenance and don’t crack. Actual concrete requires more upkeep. With concrete look tiles, you’ll simply have to sweep now and then.

Why Choose TCO for your concrete look tiles?

Tile Clearance Outlet is a business with years of experience in the tiling industry, and we wish to use our experience to provide you with exactly what you are searching for. We care for our customers and offer the best prices across Western Australia, with our online store aiming to make the tile selection process simple and effective, so you can order the tiles suited to your needs – at a fraction of the price.

Whether it’s the stone, concrete or terrazzo look you’re after, we have tiles for you and best of all, if you’re unsure, order 5 free samples! We make your decision making process as easy as ever!

If you have any questions about ordering samples or how our tiles can be used to enhance your home, contact us today. You can reach us on (08) 9345 3130 or send us a message online. With our deep understanding of the tiling process, we would be happy to help out.

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