Natural Stone

Natural stone has been used for thousands of years as a way to protect and decorate homes and buildings. Whilst we don’t have thousands of years of experience in stone, we are heavily experienced in the tiling industry and have a deep understanding of stone. So, if you’re interested in quality natural stone tiling at an affordable price, browse our wide selection of products today. No matter if it’s for your home or office, we are sure you will be able to find something suited to both your aesthetic and functional requirements.

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Premium Natural Stone

Alongside natural stone exists premium natural stone, all of which are used for a variety of purposes within homes and buildings. You may be familiar with some: they include slate, marble, limestone, granite, onyx and sandstone, all of which are handpicked for their durability and functionality alongside their beauty.

When it comes to natural elegance, peace and gracefulness, choosing to utilise natural stone floor tiles and natural stone wall tiles is a wise choice.

However, beauty isn’t the only benefit that natural stone tiling provides. They’re highly durable whilst simultaneously being easy to maintain, highly suiting the modern lifestyle. In our warm climate, they also act to keep the temperature cool – but are also appropriate for underfloor heating. When it comes to cleaning, natural stone is naturally stain resistant, and also does not store dust or pet hairs, making it ideal for allergy reduction.

Tiling Supplies

Often, when we require wall or floor tiles, we also need tiling supplies, which is why, on top of our wide choice of stone floor tiles for sale, Tile Clearance Outlet also stocks a range of tiling supplies. These supplies include anything you may need in order to complete your job, including sealer, cleaner, adhesive, grout, diamond blades, floor polishers and power tools. After all – how can you achieve that perfect look without the tiling accessories and products necessary for the job?

Why Choose Us

Natural stone floor tiles and natural stone wall tiles provide distinctive elegance, tranquillity and luxury when installing in homes and as such, Tile Clearance Outlet aims to provide them at a more affordable cost than should they be bought in a showroom. This stems from our extensive experience in the tiling and building industry, which taught us that all tiles should be accessible – no matter which budget the customer has.

Therefore, we guarantee that you won’t find cheap, quality tiles like us anywhere else in Perth – but that isn’t the only reason why we’re a good option. Not only are our products affordable, but they are also easy to purchase. We provide easy payment options on our site, so you have one less thing to worry about, and the rest of our online ordering process is easy to understand and purchase.
Delivery-wise, we deliver from $99 around Perth Metro – and if you aren’t convinced, we’re happy to provide 5 samples for just $15, so you can see our products for yourself.

If it’s quality tiles at an affordable price you’re interested in, take a look at our range and order online today.

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