Once you have created your perfect design and found the perfect wall and floor tiles for your kitchen, bathroom, and other wet areas, there is one more crucial decision to make. Which grout best suits your design? Choosing suitable grout for your chosen discount tiles can transform the look and feel of a space. From minimalist grouting to high-contrast statement grout, this humble substance has a significant influence.

Read on to see how to choose the right tile grout to give you maximum style satisfaction.


What is grout?

Tile grout is the substance tilers use to fill the spaces between your wall or floor tiles and create a smooth surface. All tiles require grouting once laid, from porcelain and mosaics to natural stone-look tiles. Grout plays a crucial role in the overall look of a room, which is why you need to consider the available options carefully. Grout significantly impacts a space’s aesthetic and is instrumental in either creating a seamless finish through a coordinating shade or adding structure and definition through a contrasting tone.

What to consider when choosing grout

  • What colour grout do you want?
  • Does your grout need to be waterproof?
  • Does your grout need to be mould resistant?


Grout Colour

Seamlessly matching your grout colour to your tiles creates an illusion of space and sophistication. It gives a neutral backdrop to the tile’s natural beauty, allowing you to enhance your room by adding exciting furniture and window dressings. Keep in mind that any grout on the floor is subject to accumulating dirt and dust, so ensure you choose a grout that is easy to clean.

Using a contrasting grout colour to your tiles adds a statement – creating drama and flair and making the tiles the centre of a room’s focus. Combining pale subway tiles with dark gray or black grout, for instance, adds a classic feel to a laundry room, while choosing brightly coloured feature tiles with plain white grout levels up your design to new heights.

There are many grout colours available ranging from white and ivory to light and mid-grey, black and brown, and even bright colours too. Once you’ve chosen your tiles, ask to see a grout colour chart so you can select a grout colour to complement your tile. Grout allows you to create whatever effect or style you want.


Waterproof Grout

Most grout types are porous, meaning they can absorb water, which is why you might see mould begin to flourish and bloom over time. Use grout that is water resistant to repel the water and bacteria arising in bathrooms and kitchens, preventing black mould and damp.

Keep in mind that it can take a long time for water to seep through and cause damage, which is why tiling grout is used so often for bathrooms, kitchens, and laundry tiles.

As with many materials, as grout ages and wears, it can become less waterproof and less resistant. Typically, your tiler will seal the wall with a waterproofing layer before laying tiles in a wet area to avoid any leaks or issues with your tiles. However, if you notice paint lifting and bubbling on a wall behind a wet room, it’s best to call a professional to check it out.


Tile joint size

Tiles are available in all shapes and sizes, each with a particular recommended joint size. The joint size is the recommended distance between each tile. The size of the grout joint can change the look of the tile installation. It is vital to use the right size grout joint for technical and aesthetic reasons. Most end users desire tiny grout joints, and many prefer no joints.


What size should I make my tile grout joints?

In general, the smaller the joints, the better. We often see 2-3mm grout joints between wall tiles and 2-3mm grout joints between floor tiles. Not only do smaller joints look amazing, but they can also minimise issues such as grout discolouration.


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