Does size matter when it comes to wall and floor tiles? Well, it depends on the room, the tile and the light coming in. The decision whether to choose small or large tiles can be difficult, as each type of tile has a different impact on your home. Here’s a breakdown on the differences between the two types of tile.


Small tiles

Small tiles generally measure under 40cm on any side. They are making a massive comeback. Once only found in kitchens and bathrooms, small tiles are becoming popular throughout the home, as stunning wall features. They can help create a stylish, contemporary look that makes a property feel luxurious.

Our small feature tiles are available in all shapes and sizes – some plain, some patterned but all gorgeous. The surge in popularity of subway tiles in both commercial and residential settings shows these tiles are really being appreciated by a new generation.


Large Tiles

Large tiles measure over 40cm on any side. One of the best things about large tiles is that they need less grout which means the tiles require less maintenance. Tiles are much easier to clean than grout! They also create feelings of space and modern sophistication in living areas, especially concrete look and stone look large format tiles.



There are many pattern possibilities with small tiles. Unlike large tiles they can be laid in intricate patterns. But, keep in mind that a busy pattern in a small space can be overwhelming, so use them sparingly as a feature, or opt for a simple symmetrical grid layout.

Feeling bold? Go for a multi-format option and pair tiles of the same colour but different shapes and sizes. This will create a unique feature for your home.

Remember it’s not the size of the tile that matters – just what you do with it!


Tile Clearance Outlet’s Top Tips for Choosing Tile Size

Consider your budget and look at the cost per metre before making a decision. Large format tiles are often more expensive per tile, but smaller tiles can cost more in bulk.

Large tiles can make a room feel bigger but can overpower a small room.

Unless you are experienced at DIY, get a professional to lay the tiles.

Try out possible small tile pattern configurations before you start


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