Once you’ve noticed how much your bathroom needs a facelift, it can be difficult to ignore it! Renovating your washroom spaces can be a truly transformative move to energize your house and give you a clean, fresh bathroom in the process. However, renovating any room in the house comes with a price tag, so read on to learn from our top tips for renovating your bathroom on a budget using a discount tile warehouse.


Plan well, then plan some more

To ensure a truly smooth renovation the key is proper planning. By thoroughly preparing for each step of the process you’ll be much more likely to discover the best deals, not go over the allotted time, and stay within budget. Spend time researching the highest quality bathroom tiles at a discount tile warehouse, review your budget and know your definitive maximum spend, and understand how long it should take so you can keep contractors within their timeframe, or know how long you should take if it is a DIY renovation.


Bypass a full remodel

Simply replacing the old tiles with stylish new ones, as well as a lick of paint, is often more than enough to give your bathroom a much-needed update. Once you move into the realm of redesigning the washroom layout and reallocating core elements such as the sink or shower is when the costs really start to stack up. This is largely due to labor, as the bigger jobs take longer and therefore cost (a lot!) more.


Tile location, location, location!

Adding new tiles or replacing old ones is by the far the easiest, and cheapest, way to renovate a bathroom. Reassess the space and decide where fresh bathroom tiles could make the biggest impact, as well as what colours would give the space life. By choosing the right design and brand of tile from a discount tile warehouse, strategically placed in an effective way, you can create a whole new feel to even the smallest washroom.


Fresh fixtures

A simple yet effective way to really give your bathroom a boost is to update any fixtures such as towel racks, handles, taps, mirrors, and even lighting. Choosing fresh fixtures that compliment your enhanced tiles and paint are an economical way to make a compelling change.


Update that paint

One of the most straightforward changes you can make is to give the space a paint upgrade, as it not only freshens up a room it allows you to play with colour and really design the bathroom that you have always wanted. Be sure to purchase mold resistant paint otherwise you’ll be fighting a losing battle against the mildew.


How Tile Clearance Outlet can help

Giving your bathroom a makeover on a budget is easy once you have the right tiles, at the best price. Nowhere has a better selection of discount tiles online than Tile Clearance Outlet, where we have something for everyone in our tile warehouse in Perth. For more information, browse our online store.