If you want to add style and sophistication to any room, the answer is tiles. However, many people find choosing suitable tiles overwhelming as many elements must be considered. We created this guide to help take the stress out of the decision-making process. Read on to learn more about what you should consider before choosing tiles for your next project.



As with all building or renovating projects, the budget is the deciding factor in the tiles you choose for your home. So, before you rush out and choose tiles, plan and work out exactly how much you can afford to spend. Don’t forget to include grout and installation costs. Budget heavily influences your tile choice.


Where are you planning to lay the tiles?

Bathroom tiles differ from bedroom tiles, so think carefully about where you want the tiles and talk to a friendly expert to help you with your decision. Some tiles are specially designed for walls, others for floors, some only for internal use, and others are exterior tiles.


What’s your aesthetic?

Do you love the Hamptons’ coastal living style, or are you drawn to the mid-century modern look? Whichever aesthetic you prefer, tiles can create the illusion of space within a room. From large format floor tiles to classic subway tiles, create a theme that flows throughout your home.


Do you want colour or texture or both?

Tile Clearance Outlet has an extensive range of tile colours and textures available, so choose a tile that reflects your personality and style. Here are some of the most popular colour schemes:

  • White: perfect for a crisp, clean feel, white tiles make your room light and airy.
  • Neutrals and natural stone tiles: cream, beige, and natural stone tiles offer a calm, relaxing effect.
  • Dark grey or black: nothing creates drama like darker tiles.
  • Light grey: greys tend to open a room and are excellent for smaller spaces.
  • Metallic or glass: glass and metallic tiles add luxury and a contemporary twist wherever you lay them.
  • Coloured: add style and personality through the clever use of colourful or patterned tiles.


Size and scale

Did you know that large format tiles can make your room look larger if you lay them on floors and walls? Small tiles and mosaic tiles add drama and are an excellent choice for small or uneven surfaces.


Tile material

Typically, tiles fall into two categories: manufactured and natural stone tiles. If you prefer a specific colour or texture, manufactured tiles could be a good option as the natural stone has a colour variation – perfect for the natural organic look that suits your style. Generally, tiles are made from 6 types of material. Each has unique properties and advantages.

  • Porcelain
  • Ceramic
  • Glass
  • Marble
  • Granite
  • Other natural stone


Kitchen Tiles

From natural stone to glass and ceramic tiles, we have a wide range of available kitchen tiles to help you achieve the exact look you want for your home.


Floor tiles

From large format floor tiles to intricately patterned floor tiles, we have a tile for you. Of all the available options for floor coverings, tile’s longevity and durability alone make them the best choice for your home. Some consider tiles the healthiest choice for families, as they are easy to clean and incredibly stylish.


Bedroom Tiles

While many people opt for carpet in their bedrooms, floor tiles add extra style and sophistication. Natural stone floor tiles significantly impact the look and feel of your room. They can be accessorised with gorgeous floor rugs according to the changing seasons. You’ll never tire of your bedroom’s aesthetic. Our bedroom floor tiles are stylish and durable, and we have an extensive range of elegant discount tiles.


Living room Tiles

We can’t deny that our range of stunning concrete-look and terrazzo-style tiles add immediate glamour and style to any living area. Both hardwearing and durable, our living room tiles will match all house styles and types. Whether you have a spacious townhouse or a tiny apartment, we can help.


Bathroom and Laundry Tiles

Wet area tiles have special ratings. If you’re considering renovating your bathroom or laundry, ensure you choose a durable and beautiful tile. We offer a range of bathroom and laundry wet area tiles to meet your interior design needs, from stunning mosaics to geometric tiles. Slip resistance is one of the most important considerations when selecting floor tiles in wet areas. If you see a tile you like, ensure it meets the bathroom and laundry area usage ratings.


Deluxe Tiles

Our Deluxe range has a wide selection of patterns, designs, and colour tones for your selection, including all the latest tile trends. Visit our online shop today.


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