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For an instant injection of life and energy into your bathroom, kitchen, or other living areas all you need are some beautiful premium tiles. Our Deluxe collection of high-quality tiles has something for everyone, including all the latest style trends of both colour and design. Adding feature tiles not only increases the functionality of a space, it also gives you a chance to display your personal style and update the space to suit your home decor.

Top-Quality Tiles for Top Designs

As well as the modern patterns and stylish colours that decorate our Deluxe tile range they are each created using only durable, tough components that can withstand almost anything. Each piece of our extensive range of stunning tiles is made from high-quality materials that make for a long-lasting display, but our Deluxe range boats particularly premium tiles. We work with the understanding that both wall and floor tiles must fulfill essential functions; stylish decoration and technically strong to last through years of environmental stress such as heat and water.

Latest in Tile Trends

Here at Tile Clearance Outlet, we understand that everyone has a unique sense of style, and that your home decor should reflect modern tastes as well as your personality. This is why our extensive Deluxe collection contains multitudes of variants in patterns and colours that are in line with all the latest tile trends. Each of our tile designs are modern and chic, designed to compliment a range of interior design styles.

Instant Makeover for Any Room

The easiest way to update a space? Add premium feature tiles to introduce colour and style, and watch the room transform! Anyone can throw on a lick of paint and call it a makeover, but updating a tiled space or introducing a new one provides character and coolness in a quick and easy fashion. The best part is that almost any room can benefit from premium tiles from our stunning Deluxe tile range; the kitchen, bathroom, laundry, living areas, and any room with a fireplace.

Choose the right tiles

Selecting the best style of tile for the space is essential, as given their durability they’ll be around for many years to come. Our Deluxe range has a wide selection of patterns, designs, and colour tones to choose from, including all the latest tile trends, so take into consideration the existing decor of the space and find complimentary tiles that work for you. Given the double functionality of all our tiles – aesthetic and practical – be sure to find high quality premium tiles that give you both.

Deluxe tiles at Tile Clearance Outlet

We pride ourselves on offering an extensive range of wall and floor tiles, premium features & mosaics, as well as decorative fashions, all in a wide range of styles and options to suit any tastes including the latest tile trends. Our top quality products ensure premium tiles for your home, so whether you are a designer or a home renovator we guarantee deluxe tiles at a great price.

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