If you’re building your dream home or renovating your kitchen to match the vision in your head, you’ve likely spent a fair bit of time considering different types of splashbacks.


What’s a Splashback and Why Do I Need One?

Typically, a kitchen splashback is a section of tiles behind either the sink or the stove top, spanning from 300mm up. This kitchen tile section protects the wall from water or oil splashes and works to tie your kitchen aesthetic together. Most splashbacks comprise ceramic or porcelain tiles (or sometimes mosaics), but you could also opt for glass or stainless steel if you like the industrial look. Kitchen splashes are a way to protect your walls while keeping the kitchen looking stylish and elegant.

If your tiles are hardwearing, easy to wipe clean and complement your kitchen’s aesthetic – you’re onto a winner. One of the most popular styles of tiles for splashbacks is metro or subway tiles, thanks to their timeless design, easy, clean gloss finish, and the fact that they’re available in many colours. Whichever type you opt for, you should ensure that they occupy a large enough area to contain cooking splatters and water from the sink.


Kitchen Splashbacks tile ideas

While there are endless tiles that would look great as a kitchen splashback, as with all interior design, there is no right or wrong answer. The tiles you choose depend on personal preference and your design scheme.


Types of Splashback Tiles

To be effective, the tiles you choose for your kitchen splashbacks must be waterproof and non-porous. At Tile Clearance Outlet, we stock a wide range of discount tiles suitable for use as a kitchen splashback, along with an extensive range of floor tiles and bathroom tiles.


Subway Tiles

These timeless tiles ooze style and are easy to wipe clean. You’ll find subway tiles in many colours, from neutral tones to bright shades. You can use subway tiles for entire walls, as splashbacks, or as a feature detail between other, larger tiles. Subway tiles with hand-applied glazes bring rooms to life, while crackle finishes draw the eye. Subway tiles offer natural, stone-like finishes or lustre-free glazes for a modern touch. Versatile and stylish, subway tiles are a fantastic choice for kitchen splashbacks.



Mosaic tiles are an exciting way to add drama to your kitchen and draw attention to a wall or countertop. As many choices are available, mosaic tiles are one of the most unusual and beautiful surfaces on the market for adding unique elements to your home.

Looking for something a little more neutral? Don’t worry; we have plenty of plain options as well.


Deluxe Collection

The Tile Clearance Outlet stocks a fantastic selection of Deluxe tiles, sure to add sophistication and style to every room. Our Deluxe tile range uses only durable, tough components. Our tiles can withstand almost anything. Each piece of our extensive range of stunning tiles is made from high-quality materials. We work to better understand wall and floor tiles’ essential functions to create stylish decoration and technically strong options to last through years of environmental stress, such as heat and water.


Other places to use a splashback

Bathrooms and toilets are other familiar places where a splashback will be helpful. The water-resistant properties of bathroom tiles offer excellent protection, especially in rooms that experience high humidity.


How To Choose Splashback Tiles

We recommend setting aside time to think carefully about your requirements. Your kitchen splashback will be wiped often, so avoid highly textured surfaces and opt for easy-use tiles instead. Ensure the tiles fit your kitchen’s design, but also be flexible/

Remember that most natural stone products will require sealing once installed to make them thoroughly water-resistant and provide longevity. The finish of the natural stone will determine what product is needed for sealing.


Installing Kitchen Splashbacks

Installing a tiled splashback is labour-intensive, and we recommend you use a professional.


Maintaining your Kitchen Splashbacks

Generally, your kitchen splashback maintenance depends on the material you choose. Tiled splashbacks require maintenance to keep the grout lines clean, while glass and stainless-steel splashbacks can be wiped clean with a soft cloth.


Cost of Kitchen Splashbacks – Budgeting Tips

As with most things, the cost of your kitchen splashback wall tiles will depend on the material, size, and installation requirements. Tiled splashbacks are the most affordable option, while glass and stone splashbacks can be expensive. To budget for your kitchen splashback wall tiles, consider the size of the area you want to cover and the material you prefer.


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