Rejuvenate your bathroom with inspiring, on-trend tile choices. At the Tile Clearance Outlet, we offer numerous tile designs that work perfectly with the latest interior trends.

Nowadays, bathroom tiles help create the aesthetic for one of the most used rooms in your home. Instead of being simply functional and waterproof, tiles have become an important interior design element essential to a beautiful bathroom.


Deciding on a trend

The interior design of your home will impact the design of your bathroom—but they don’t need to be identical. You can choose a different trend for your bathroom, and simply incorporate a few décor nods that tie the spaces together.

The bathroom should suit your personality, yet also provide a place that is relaxing and refreshing. In 2022, bathroom tiles can complement or contrast, in colour or style. They often introduce texture, and create a fantastic visual impact.

This year, lead bathroom tile trends include:


Mix and Match

Many bathrooms now celebrate fusing wildly different design styles for an unforgettable finish. Antique-style fixtures can be matched with modern bathroom tiles—and vintage inspired tiles work with sleek futuristic decor.


The Natural World

Incorporating a sense of the living world into indoor spaces has become increasingly popular. Tiling that implies wood and stone, in forest-like shades, and offers texture, truly channels the current biophilia design trend.


Mediterranean Feel

Mediterranean bathroom designs include takes on the modern terrazzo-inspired trend of recent times, along with a renewed love for marble, and a penchant for white, blue, black sand and terracotta shades in the bathroom.


Irregular Beauty

We often associate tiles with very neat dimensions, but today’s innovative designs can have beautifully rustic irregularities to them. Even a slight zig-zag linear impression can bring an entirely fresh feel to your bathroom’s new tiling.


Think Bold

Tiling can be used to bring the room’s core colour to the fore. Also, a great way to bring your home’s leading colour scheme to the bathroom space. When refreshing your bathroom interior, don’t shy from considering bold choices.


A Subtle Art

Soothing bathrooms tie in with wellness-inspired home interior goals. Consider gentle or neutral shades that complement each other. A mosaic option is one way to bring an updated feel to that subtly elegant bathroom interior.


Pattern Power

From the gentle herringbone to bold contemporary black and white combos, we have a patterned tile for every interior taste. Patterns can also allow for a range of colours within a single tile, creating a more complex aesthetic.


Tile Walls

Consider tiling the new wallpaper: an innovative way to introduce additional colour and texture to a space. As a Perth bathroom wall tiles supplier, our team can help you think outside the box—or beyond the floor and shower.


Choosing your finish

Deciding on the tiling material and visual finish you prefer is a great way to begin selecting the perfect tile for your bathroom. Here are some of our most popular choices that work well with the leading bathroom trends of 2022.


Natural Marble and Marble Look Tiles for Your Bathroom

Marble has been beloved for bathrooms and wash houses across centuries, and civilisations. Part of the material’s appeal is that it handles constant bathroom traffic well. The unusual veined appearance is also a known drawcard.

Want the look but need a more affordable option? Marble can be costly, so marble look bathroom tiles may suit those on a budget. Whatever you choose, the beauty of marble and marble-inspired tiles remains a timeless bathroom addition.

Works well with these popular 2022 bathroom design trends: 

  • Mix and Match
  • A Subtle Art
  • Mediterranean Feel


Natural Stone and Stone Look Wall Tiles for your Bathroom

Stone and stone look wall tiles have a beautiful elegance to them and can blend with a number of currently popular design trends. Their appearance also appeals to lovers of interior textures that reflect the beauty of the natural world.

Tile sizing makes a huge difference to the look. Oversized wall tiles could render the bathroom space more open in terms of first impressions, creating a clean visual. Alternately, a stone mosaic gives an impressively detailed feature wall.

Works well with these popular 2022 bathroom design trends:

  • The Natural World
  • Irregular Beauty
  • Mix and Match


Decorative Tiles for your Bathroom

Decorative tiles can appear as feature walls, floor features, or be included into more sedate tile designs, often around eye level, or on level with fixtures. When carefully chosen, they add a truly stylish sophistication to your bathroom oasis.

The great thing about decorative tiles is that the category spans not just patterns and shapes, but substances, glosses and glazes. Explore tiles made of glass, tiles featuring combination finishes, or tiles with a crackled appearance.

Works well with these popular 2022 bathroom design trends:

  • Irregular Beauty
  • Think Bold
  • Pattern Power


Natural Stone and Natural Stone Look Tiles for your Bathroom

The appearance and feel of stone and stone-look tiles are big in bathroom design. They are common neutral preferences for bathroom tiling as they suit many design trends—being timeless, subtle, sophisticated and modern.

Be aware, in darker shades only, they can create quite a bold finish. Some love the strength of this aesthetic; others find it somewhat overwhelming. A stone tile design that also includes paler shades, is often a popular choice for modern bathrooms.

Works well with these popular 2022 bathroom design trends:

  • The Natural World
  • A Subtle Art
  • Mediterranean Feel


Get your bathroom looking its best

Finding fabulous quality tiles that are also affordable is a key part of creating a beautiful and functional bathroom, one you’re happy to spend time in every day—whether building a brand new home or planning to renovate existing interiors.

As a leading stockist of clearance bathroom tiles in Perth, we have the expertise to help you make a spectacular choice. At the Tile Clearance Outlet, our friendly team can answer your questions around smart, stylish and durable bathroom tile selections.

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