Many homeowners faced incredible challenges in 2023, with rising bills, interest rates, and inflation impacting the cost of living and spending habits. Despite this, the demand for quality and affordable tiles continues, with renovations and buildings still rising.

So, let’s consider the most significant trends in tile products, colours, and styles in 2024.

What tile trends will we see in 2024?

Hotel & Spa Style

We all love a little touch of luxury, and it’s no surprise that this style tops the list for 2024 as homeowners look to replicate extraordinary and memorable luxury hotel experiences in their homes. From freestanding baths and natural, modest tones and colours to marble touches and minimalist design, the hotel and spa style is a must-have for the house if you consider your bathroom a sanctuary from your fast-paced life. Tranquil and calming spaces transport you to relaxing realms, all in the comfort of your home. Choose from our range of excellent wall and floor tiles to transform your space into a haven.

Coloured Ceramic Tiles

We love the growing trend of coloured tiles, which has increased significantly over recent years as more people search to personalise their kitchens and bathroom spaces. While some tones – like matt black and grey – remain popular, increased interest in other contenders like pale pinks and retro greens is seeing a boom. Experts predict more use of colour will return.

Textured tiles

Fluted and textured surfaces are another tile trend for 2024. This trend is spreading to fixtures, fittings, showers, and vanities. Textured tiles can add a much-needed softness to bathrooms, which can otherwise be quite harsh, clinical spaces.

Natural look tiles

There’s no denying it: Natural-look tiles will continue to trend in 2024 as homeowners look to reconnect with nature. Soft, muted tones and clean lines create calm, relaxing wetroom spaces and set the home’s aesthetic when used as flooring.

Minimalist, large format tiles

Large format tiles add a sense of grandeur and luxury wherever they are laid, and when combined with bright white walls, they create an airy, sophisticated feel to any room. Unsurprisingly, the top accessory colour trend in 2024 will be botanicals, including muted greens, blues, browns, and whites. This colour scheme is based on a cross of health and relaxation benefits and that of the natural world, allowing you to add pops of colour through soft furnishings, rugs, pillows, and art.

Warm Metallics

Metallic tiles continue to show strong growth in 2024, adding flair and style to small and large spaces alike. Matt blacks, brushed metal tiles, glowing brass, nickel, and even gunmetal have become very popular. Bronze is another strong choice and can add warmth and ambience to bathrooms and toilets.

Matt Finishes and Colours

In 2024, we are seeing a strong trend towards wet areas featuring tiles with matt finishes. These tiles are velvety to the touch, adding a satisfying tactile element to your space while also diffusing the light to create a serene atmosphere.

While people have typically chosen gloss finishes as they offer ‘easy-to-clean’ shiny finishes and can help enhance light in the space, there is a marked shift towards matt finishes in 2024. Glossy tiles have always been popular, but consumers are more adventurous and opt for different finishes such as satin or matt.

Patterned Tile Design

As with many trends that ebb and flow over the years, patterned features such as the checkerboard style are predicted to trend again in 2024. If bold, bright shades aren’t your style preference, adjust your patterned and mosaic tile placements to suit your personal tastes using a pared-back colour palette. Herringbone and Chevron patterns, in particular, are trending, and they introduce a distinct aesthetic that helps to break the uniform look of straight lines.

Tiled splashbacks are the perfect opportunity to incorporate this trend into your home, whether in your kitchen, laundry or bathroom. Our features and mosaic range showcase numerous colourful wall tiles, making it the ideal match for your tile design.

Textured Floor tiles

In 2024, the textured floor tile trend is about the tactile sensation underfoot and adding dimension and interest to a room’s design. Consider using textured tiles that replicate the beauty of natural surfaces like wood grain, stone, and fabric. Textured tiles twist the traditional flat tile surface, offering an unexpected look and experience that plays with light and shadow.

Are there any more trends for 2024?

The consensus seems to be that the most popular tile trends will feature warm tones, replicating Scandinavian colours and materials to create earthy and welcoming environments. Don’t limit this palette to your walls and floors; consider using it to achieve a coordinated and considered aesthetic throughout your home.

Top tips: natural stones and terrazzo

  • Natural stone look tiles: our range of natural look tiles adds sophistication and glamour to any space.
  • Terrazzo-look tiles are the perfect flooring choice for stylish homes and are among the most durable tiles on the market.

Choose Tile Clearance Outlet for your tiles in 2024

The 2024 tile trends emphasise embracing new design frontiers, advocating individual expression, and promoting environmental responsibility. What could be more fashionable than that? If you’re ready to look at some tiles, explore our extensive online tile collection. With our wide selection, friendly prices, and top-notch quality, you’ll be one step closer to creating the perfect tiled space in your home.

Using our list of the top tile trends in 2024, let your imagination run wild and begin turning your Perth home into a stunning retreat.

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