Looking for ways to unleash your creativity and transform your bathroom, kitchen, or hallway with subway tiles? Here at the Tile Clearance Outlet, we love subway tiles. Subway tiles are classics for a reason, they offer versatility, timeless elegance and unmatched sophistication, making them a fantastic choice for any home.

This article explores fifteen exciting ways to lay subway tiles, divided into three sections: bathroom, kitchen, and hallway. And for all your subway tile needs, check out the fantastic selection at Tile Clearance Outlet, where you’ll find high-quality discount tiles at affordable prices.


Subway Tiles In The Bathroom

Here are seven fabulous ways to lay subway tiles in the bathroom


Classic Stacked

The classic stacked layout is the most common way to install subway tiles. This layout features tiles in a straight, horizontal pattern, creating a clean and modern look. It’s perfect for those who prefer a simple yet timeless design.



Add a touch of elegance and visual interest to your bathroom with a herringbone pattern. This layout arranges the subway tiles in a zigzag pattern, creating a stunning and dynamic effect. It works particularly well for shower walls or as a feature wall behind the vanity.


Vertical Stacked

Try installing your subway tiles vertically for a unique twist on the classic stacked layout. This arrangement adds height and a sense of openness to your bathroom, making it ideal for smaller spaces.


Offset/Brick Bond

The offset or brick bond pattern involves staggering the subway tiles so the end of one tile aligns with the centre of the tile above or below it. This layout creates a subtle diagonal effect and adds a touch of sophistication to your bathroom walls or backsplash.



If you’re feeling adventurous, go for a diagonal layout. This arrangement involves laying the subway tiles at a 45-degree angle, adding a dramatic and visually appealing touch to your bathroom walls or floors.


Subway Tile with Accent

Spice up your bathroom by incorporating accent tiles with your subway tiles. Combining subway tiles with unique accents can create a stunning focal point and elevate the overall design, whether it’s a contrasting colour, patterned tile, or metallic accents.


Vertical Accents

Take your subway tile design to new heights by incorporating vertical accent tiles. Install them as a border, create a feature wall, or frame your mirror to add texture and interest to your bathroom space.


Subway Tiles In The Kitchen

Now, let’s move on to seven captivating ways to lay subway tiles in the kitchen.


Classic Grid

The classic grid layout is perfect for kitchen backsplashes. It involves laying the subway tiles in a simple, grid-like pattern, providing a clean, organized look that complements any kitchen style.



Add a touch of modern elegance to your kitchen with a chevron pattern. This layout involves arranging the subway tiles in a V-shaped zigzag, creating a visually striking design that instantly grabs attention.


Basket Weave

Create a sense of texture and depth in your kitchen by opting for a basket weave pattern. This layout involves alternating horizontal and vertical pairs of subway tiles, resulting in a woven effect that adds a unique visual appeal.


Diagonal Stack

For a twist on the classic stacked layout, try the diagonal stack pattern. Lay the subway tiles diagonally for a fresh, contemporary look that adds movement and energy to your kitchen walls or floors.


Running Bond

The running bond, brick or subway bond, is popular for kitchen subway tiles. It involves offsetting each row of tiles by half, creating a staggered brick-like pattern. This layout adds a subtle visual interest while maintaining a classic and timeless aesthetic.


Moroccan Pattern

Embrace exotic charm in your kitchen by creating a Moroccan pattern with subway tiles. This layout involves arranging the tiles in intricate geometric designs, such as a quatrefoil or starburst, which add a vibrant and captivating element to your kitchen walls or backsplash.


Subway Tiles With Dark Grout

Make a bold statement by using dark grout with your subway tiles. The contrast between the light-coloured tiles and dark grout creates a striking visual effect, emphasizing the shape and layout of the tiles. It’s a fantastic choice for those who want to add a contemporary edge to their kitchen design.


Subway Tiles On The Floor In The Hallway

Finally, let’s explore a stylish way to lay subway tiles on the floor in the hallway


Versailles pattern

Bring a touch of elegance and sophistication to your hallway with the Versailles pattern. This layout combines different-sized subway tiles to create a beautiful mosaic effect. Incorporating larger and smaller tiles allows you to achieve a unique and eye-catching design that transforms your hallway into a stylish focal point.


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