Style tips from Perth’s subway tile specialists

Subway tiles are having a moment. In fact, they’ve been trending for years, and it doesn’t look like that train is leaving the station any time soon.

Here in Perth, tile suppliers continue to see demand for the skinny tiles that bring a little London and New York style into our kitchens and bathrooms.


What are subway tiles?

Even if you don’t immediately know what a “subway tile” is, you’ve likely come across them online or in a friend’s house.

They are the slim, geometric tiles that pattern walls in underground rail (subway) stations in Europe and America. Classic subway tiles are white with black accents. But as the trend evolves, we’re seeing subway tiles in Perth get more creative and colourful.


Subway tile trends for 2022


    • Creative colours

From bright blue to blushed pink, fiery red to forest green, coloured subway tiles are outpacing the popularity of the classic black-and-white combo. You can even find subway-style tiles in natural stone looks to accent fireplaces and outdoor areas – although glossy or mossy green is our top pick for 2022 tile trends.

    • Touchable textures

Subway tiles are traditionally glazed smooth. But we’re seeing more textured subway tiles, like the Byron Décor bathroom tiles (available in mint or sky blue) that feature varied patterns on each tile.

    • Supersized subway tiles

The classic subway tile has a 1:2 height-to-length ratio (that is, 50 x 100 mm). However, the longer 1:3 ratio (60x240mm) remains a favourite for how it elongates any space.

Now we’re seeing those dimensions expand. Larger subway tiles are fun and a little bit grown-up. So don’t overlook oversized tiles like our 75x150mm classic ratio options or even a 100x300mm style.

    • Vertical stacking

Turning a trend on its head is a great way to reinvent a classic. Vertical subway tile arrangements bring a modern turn to the tile trend, making for an easy feature wall in any bathroom.

Offset the lines for a unique yet timeless look, and you’ll be riding the subway tile train for many years yet.

    • Breaking from straight lines

Like vertical stacking, subway tiles arranged in a herringbone pattern are very much on-trend in 2022. Combined with an expanded colour palette, varying textures and larger sizes, changing up the stacking can create a wall that’s subtle, sophisticated and vibrant all at once.


The most affordable subway tiles in Perth

You might be worried that subway tiles will set you back a small fortune now that they’re the ‘in thing’. But when you buy subway tiles at Tile Clearance Outlet, you’ll be getting the best prices on high-quality tiles.

We have dozens of subway tiles in stock for any renovation project. From the classic white gloss 1:2 style to oversized 65x200mm Marbella subway tiles in ash, blue, blush, charcoal and green, we guarantee we have what you need.

Browse our full subway tile range online or contact the Tile Clearance Outlet team for a custom quote.

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