Did you know that your flooring choice can play a significant role in making a room look bigger than it is? Here are our top five tips on using wall and floor tiles to make your room appear larger.

1. Go large

While many people think tiny tiles are the best choice for small rooms, large tiles actually give a sense of expanding the space. Small lines result in more grout lines for the eye to see, making a room feel busy and crowded. Larger tiles result in fewer grout lines for a nearly seamless, clean look.

2. Go wide

If you love wood-look tiles, then choose flooring with wider planks. Wide planks stretch the eye, while narrow planks can overwhelm the room. Wide wood-look tiles may also be more affordable because you don’t have to buy as many. When laying your wider tiles, run them parallel to the room’s longest wall, giving the illusion of more floor space.

3. Lay tiles diagonally

When you create a diagonal or crisscross pattern with tiles, it can create an illusion that extends the floor’s size. However, avoid checkerboard patterns in small spaces, as they appear to shrink the room even more. So why does diagonal flooring make rooms appear larger? Your eyes are naturally drawn to the widest part of the flooring pattern, and diagonals look longer.

4. Pair light walls with darker tiles

While we often associate light colours with airiness and open spaces, when you pair darker floor tiles with walls in light colours, it can the create a sense of openness, making the room feel larger. Dark flooring also tends to make lighter ceilings seem higher.

5. Complement furniture with light tiles

Light colours draw in natural light. Light colours all make everything feel bigger, especially in small spaces. For best results, choose light wall and floor tile shades that complement the furniture in the room. Opt for gentle neutrals with one or two focus pieces of colourful art for that gallery feel.

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