Tiling Styles & Tips for a Bathroom Renovation

Bathrooms are often the first room people look to when they want to improve the value and appearance of their home. This is because in older homes, the bathroom is a room that tends to appear more outdated than the rest of the house.

A simple way to give a bathroom a new breath of air is with carefully chosen bathroom tiles, such as feature bathroom tiles, wall tiles and stunning floor tiles.

Read on to find out Tile Clearance Outlet’s tiling tips and tricks to help you with your bathroom renovations. 


Out with The Old, In with The New

If you have a bathroom with decades-old designs, or tiles that have any physical signs of damage such as chips or cracks, you can revitalise the room and take it to a whole new level with bathroom floor and wall tiles.

A Tile Clearance Outlet customer favourite is the Ascot White Gloss, which is a glazed ceramic tile from Spain. This plain white tile is 50mm x 400mm in size and is a great glossy wall tile.

The beauty of ordering bathroom tiles from Tile Clearance Outlet is that once you know how many square metres of tiles you need; you can order them online and have them delivered straight to your front door!


Set Your Renovation Budget

Although you may want to spend a considerable budget on a bathroom renovation, it is important to set a reasonable budget. A set of new floor or wall tiles might just be enough to give your bathroom a new lease on life!

As a rough guide, it is suggested to set your bathroom renovation budget at between 5-10% of the total property value.

When you are considering what parts of your bathroom to revamp, you can include luxury elements such as nicer tapware or a redesigned shower, but ensure that you prioritise items that may be of practical and long-lasting value to a prospective buyer.


Choosing your Bathroom Tile Colour

A bathroom is a sanctuary, somewhere you spend time getting ready for the day, so you want it to reflect your personality and give you a sense of homeliness.

Before you pick out your bathroom tiles, we suggest doing some research into how certain tiles may work together, while considering what kind of colour scheme you prefer. Pinterest is a great place to start your ‘research’ into different bathroom styles and will give you a good base to start from. 

Once you have a style or colour scheme in mind, you can head to the Tile Clearance Outlet website to check out the wide range of discounted and affordable bathroom tiles to suit your style and personality.

Whether you prefer bathroom tiles with whites and neutral colours to give that crisp, clean feeling or you prefer the beauty of patterned mosaic tiles, you’ll find it all at Tile Clearance Outlet.


Bathroom Tiles at Tile Clearance Outlet

At Tile Clearance Outlet, the Spectrum range has 29 different colours to choose from, including Pacific, Bermuda, Linen, Buttermilk and Crisp Apple, giving you an extensive variety to deck out your space and bring vibrancies into your projects.

A favourite bathroom tile at Tile Clearance Outlet is the Conkret Silver, which is a glazed porcelain, square format (600mm x 600mm) tile that can be used as either a floor tile or wall tile. It has a matt finish with a concrete look, allowing you to enjoy the look of concrete in your industrial-style home without the drawbacks of using actual concrete.

Another neutral grey tile that Tile Clearance Outlet customers love is the Ascot Dark Grey Gloss, which is a glazed ceramic tile that is best used on walls, rather than floors, because of its glossy surfacing. With their rectangle shape (50mm x 400mm), these tiles are great choice for feature bathroom tiles in the shower.

Pair the Ascot Dark Grey Gloss in your bathroom with other tiles from the same family, including the Ascot White Gloss or Ascot Black Gloss for a sleek bathroom finish.


Choose Perth’s Own Tile Clearance Outlet

If you’ve spent countless hours planning that bathroom renovation and you’re ready to pick tiles from a local Perth tile retailer, choose Tile Clearance Outlet.

As an online tile retailer, you can browse our extensive range of bathroom tiles of all shapes and sizes at any time of the day! Throughout the COVID-19 health situation, we are committed to ensuring our customers can purchase all the tiles, tools and materials they need, with pick up and delivery options available.

Plus, you can also get five samples for free (previously $15.00), which is a brilliant way to see the tiles in person before you commit to purchasing a pallet worth.

If you’re planning a bathroom renovation, you need Tile Clearance Outlet. Don’t miss out – shop online at Tile Clearance Outlet today to take advantage of our April Sale Event offer!

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