With our extensive range of discount priced wall and floor tiles, it’s as easy as ever to find beautiful tiles to suit your home’s interior style, without the big price tag that accompanies products in fancy showrooms. By offering stunning tiles, from natural stone to unique mosaics, in our online format from our Perth tile warehouse we cut out additional costs, allowing us to pass on that discount to our customers. To successfully order your chosen selection of tiles online you need to know how many to order, and we are here to help!

Here’s how you can measure how much/many tiles to order online

Working out the correct amount of tiles to order can be tricky, especially if this is your first time coordinating a DIY tiling project or ordering clearance tiles in Perth online with us to access some amazing discounts. To help you along, we have outlined the process to calculate the right amount of tiles needed for your project here in a few easy steps. Luckily the actions are the same regardless of whether you need wall or floor tiles. So find that measuring tape, pencil, and calculator and get to it!


Follow these easy steps below


1. Measure the area to be tiled

Break down the area to be tiled into square or rectangular sections, treating each wall as a separate section. Any L shapes should be divided into two sections. Measure the length and width of each section and multiply these two figures to find the square footage. Add all the square footage totals together to find your area measurement.

For example: if your length is 10 and your width is 10, your square footage is 100 (10 X 10 = 100).


2.  Compare this with tile square footage

Divide the square footage of your area with your chosen tile square footage. If you are ordering individual tiles, simply multiply the length and width of a single tile to discover the tile square footage. Boxes of tiles will list the total square footage of the tiles inside.

For example: if your area is 100 square feet, and one box of tiles contains 25 square feet of tile, you need four boxes of tiles (100 % 25 = 4).


3. Factor in some overage

It is recommended you order at least 10% extra tiles for security should some tiles break, need to be cut to fit, and for repairs in the long term. If you are working with a unique pattern such as diagonal offset we recommend ordering 20% overage to cover the extra tile cutting that will be required. Wall and floor tiles can also go out of production so it’s better to order extra should you ever need replacements in the future!

For example: 10% of an area of 100 square feet is 10, so the total is 110 square feet. If one box of tiles contains 25 square feet you need 4.4 boxes of tiles.



Here at Tile Clearance Outlet we pride ourselves in providing the best quality Perth discount tiles with affordable price tags. Along with our handy ordering guide you can now order beautiful tiles online from us without the fancy price tag. Given that the above process is the same for both wall and floor tiles you’ll have your correct order of tiles to order online from our tile warehouse calculated in no time! Browse our extensive selection of tiles online, or for more information contact us here.

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