One of the most rewarding steps when designing your kitchen, or providing it with an upgrade, is choosing the kitchen splashback. With such a wide range of stylish kitchen tiles available, it’s a great place to display your personal style and bring the room together. To discover how to find the perfect kitchen splashback tiles for you, read on through our handy tips.


Set your budget and stick to it

The first step has to be figuring out how much you are willing to spend, and honing in on what your true maximum spend is so you know exactly where to draw the line. Having clear guidelines set for yourself from the start will help you navigate the decision-making process and choose the best kitchen tiles at the right price for you. (Also Read: Choosing the Perfect Kitchen Splashback


Work with cohesive styles

When replacing an existing splashback, or designing for a kitchen renovation overhaul, it’s imperative to work closely with one specific style. This doesn’t have to mean choosing matching patterns or materials, it simply means that all elements of the room, including the kitchen splashback tiles, should compliment each other nicely. If you have the option you could choose the kitchen tiles first then design the room around that, or else be sure to work closely to existing styles in the space.


Consider the material

With such a versatile range of materials to choose from, it’s important you find the best fit for your kitchen style that is also durable and guaranteed to be stain-free.



The most versatile and often the best-priced option, kitchen splashback tiles come in an endless range of colours and designs and are super easy to keep clean.



A chic, understated option is stone, a material that can look sophisticated when it matches the benchtop and other kitchen areas.



For a modern touch, glass can be a transformative backdrop, but the downside is it can often discolour over time.


Colour is everything

Colour is a key factor in selecting the kitchen splashback tiles as it has to work with existing paint tones, as well as the material and tone of other room fixtures. An entire room in one shade is going to be overwhelming, so do your research on complementary tones that work well together. Consider the colour and material of your flooring as well as kitchen benchtops, cabinets, and other furniture or focal points in the room.


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