Are you one of those people who has put off those DIY projects and renovations around the house because you don’t have time? If so, you are not alone!

At Tile Clearance Outlet, we’ve recently noticed a number of customers using the forced time at home to get onto those small DIY projects, such as splashbacks with mosaic tiles and other feature wall tiles.


Feature Tiles at Tile Clearance Outlet

Feature tiles are a great way to give your bathroom, kitchen or even home office a little revamp, making your splashback pop or bringing your bathroom back to life.

Whether you’re in the market for large format feature tiles or enchanting small mosaic tiles, you’ll find everything you need online at Tile Clearance Outlet’s website.

Read on to find out more about Tile Clearance Outlet’s most popular mosaic and feature wall tiles for your home.


Maxim Rosa Glazed Porcelain Mosaic Tile

The Maxim Rosa will age in your home like a fine red wine – its stunning red colour makes it the perfect tile to use if you are looking to add a pop of colour to your bathroom wall or kitchen splashback.

It is designed as a geometric tile, with embossed surface finish, giving you endless options for how you can lay out these mosaic tiles to create a masterpiece in your home.

At Tile Clearance Outlet, we love to combine the Maxim Rosa with the Maxim Blanco and Maxim Piombo as feature wall tiles for a bold look.


Glazed Ceramic Santiago Mosaic Tile Mix

Add some Artisan décor to your kitchen splashback with the Santiago Mix feature wall tiles.

These glazed ceramic tiles are square format (132mm x 132mm) and are designed to whisk you away to Spain with a colourful array of tasteful geometric designs featured on each tile.

As mosaic tiles go, the Santiago Mix tiles are a great way to bring some colour to a neutral colour palette.


Teka Black & White Glazed Ceramic Feature Tile

For those who love their monochrome style and want feature wall tiles to suit, the Teka Black.White tiles are right up your alley.

These black and white feature wall tiles consist of horizontal black and white stripes, which can be laid in a variety of ways to give you a simple, yet elegant design in your bathroom or kitchen walls.

The beauty of this particular tile is that it is glazed ceramic, making it suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, for both walls and floors.


Why Choose Tile Clearance Outlet

The best place to be inspired by a wide range of tiles is Tile Clearance Outlet, where you can get five free tile samples (previously $15.00) to help you choose which tiles work best together in your space before you buy.

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