Are you thinking of installing tiles yourself? Here are the Tile Clearance Outlet’s top tips to help you with your DIY tiling project. With years of experience, our team has compiled this list, sharing the tricks of the trade.


Ensuring you have the correct tools makes life easier and results in a better standard of work. The main tiling tools you’ll need are:

  • Dry Tile cutter
  • Electric Tile cutter
  • Nippers
  • Wall and Floor Trowel
  • Bucket trowel
  • Spirit levels
  • Mixing tubs
  • Grout whisk
  • Grout float

Measuring the job

Grab a tape measure and multiply the length of the wall by the height of the wall. Do this for all 4 walls and add the numbers together.

If there’s an area not requiring tiles (a door or window), measure the length and height of these and subtract them from the total area. It is easier to calculate in metres as tiles are generally sold this way. Add 10% to the total for waste cuts.

Tile selection

Please speak to one of our experienced team members about wall and floor tile selection. They will help you find a suitable wall or floor tile for your project.

Setting out

Set out your job before starting to determine how the tiles will lie by marking a pencil line where the tiles will land. Avoid starting in the corner of the room, as it is most likely to be out of square, meaning your tiles will be wonky.

Background Preparation

Prime your backgrounds before laying or fixing tiles to ensure the correct bond and to prevent loose defects on the walls or floors.

Sanitary ware

  • Use a silicone sealant before you tile bathrooms or toilets.
  • Apply the silicone in the joint between the bath/shower and the wall.
  • Once dry and tiled, apply another bead of silicone to the edge where the tile meets the bath or shower tray.

Polishing up

Once you’ve completed grouting, leave it to dry until it has gone powdery. Then, you can use a soft microfiber cloth to buff your tiles to a beautiful shine.


Be careful when disposing of excess waste tiles, as they have very sharp edges. Any cement product should be allowed to harden before disposal. Do not pour cement products down drains, which will harden and potentially block them up.

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