Mosaic tiles have always been popular for interior design, and we are currently seeing a huge resurgence. More and more homeowners use them to give their property an extra lift. This is mainly due to mosaic tiles in various styles and colours. This versatility makes them easy to fit into your current décor and makes finding a tile you like simple.

But how can you use tiles like this in your own home?

Revamp your bathroom

One of the best places to use mosaic tiles is in your bathroom. Mosaic tiles can help freshen up the look of any bathroom in a relaxing, elegant way. This will make it a more inviting space and make bath times more enjoyable. An excellent idea for any bathroom is to use a mixed beige mosaic tile on the walls for eye-catching results.

beige mosaic tile

Travertine is another very stylish and popular type of mosaic tile. Mosaic tiles look great and can even be used on the floor for dramatic effects. They are superb for adding interest to shower areas or splashbacks behind sinks.

Make your kitchen look amazing

The other classic place to use these tiles is the kitchen. The right mosaic tile will add interest, colour, and a focal point to the room. Many people opt for glass mosaic tiles here for the extra sparkle and glitz they give.

You can also achieve bolder effects with tiles to create a contemporary feel.

Why not try a feature wall?

Many homeowners use mosaic tiles on a feature wall to create a bold look. Whether it’s stunning glass mosaic tiles or dazzling-coloured tiles, you can get some jaw-dropping effects. Just use one type of tile on the whole wall and ensure it contrasts nicely with the rest of the room.

Don’t always go for the obvious

The great thing about mosaic tiles is that they allow you to unleash your creativity. Consider using them in different rooms. Wall tiles can often be the one thing that really finishes a room off and makes it look amazing. Hallways are great for this, as are other rooms like the laundry or entryway. The possibilities are endless, whether you add these wall tiles in strips to complement your other décor or use different types to form patterns. The genuinely daring may even create a recess from mosaic tiles to impress guests.

Let us help you find the ideal mosaic tiles

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